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WasteConnect is a comprehensive reference for recycling points throughout the country.  Helping households and businesses to manage their waste.


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Encounters with our most dramatic raptor  

Beulah, Powys Before he took off with his lifeless prey, the falcon’s unnerving brazen eye met mine, and seemed to ask whose business was it but his alone?

To a wild moorland valley in hope of catching first flight of eyasses, or nestling hawks, from rocky bluffs above. How long peregrines have nested here I don’t know. These magnificent falcons have long been hard-pressed: shot in wartime for predating on carrier-pigeons, in peacetime by gamekeepers; nests robbed by egg-collectors, by falconers; brought near British extinction by DDT. Somehow they’ve recovered, to remain a defining presence of Welsh hill country.

Not today, however – no sign of activity at the nest, so I make my own by the stream, laze in the sun and remember encounters over long decades with our most dramatic raptor. In Cwm Trwsgl the male’s chattering call resounded against the cliff, lured the falcon from her nest. She sported around, flew upside-down to catch a rock-dove he dropped to her.

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