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WasteConnect is a comprehensive reference for recycling points throughout the country.  Helping households and businesses to manage their waste.


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Daylight encounter hungry pine marten  

Strathnairn, Highlands Its rich chocolate fur looked luxuriant, and it was easy to see why it was so much prized in the middle ages as a trimming for robes of state

Mid-afternoon, and I watched the pine marten hunting a woodland bank, sniffing and listening for prey such as voles. Above it was ripening the rich crop of rowan berries that would augment its diet in late autumn.

It must have been hungry to be out hunting at this time of day, as pine martens are normally nocturnal. No doubt the poor weather of late had not helped. However, this one – a female, judging from its size – was in good condition, graceful and agile, with its slender body and long, bushy tail. Its rich chocolate fur looked luxuriant and it was easy to see why it was prized in the middle ages as a trimming for robes of state.

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Don’t Grill The Environment - The Green BBQ Guide

Summer has arrived! Click the link below for information and our guide on how to host a green BBQ.

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