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Hinkley Point C in doubt after British government delays approval

Ministers to conduct fresh review into long-delayed project, with no green light expected until autumn despite EDF’s confirmation

Britain’s first new nuclear power station for a generation is in fresh doubt after the government postponed a final decision on the £18bn project, despite the French energy company behind it voting to start work.

The government said ministers would now conduct another review of the controversial Hinkley Point C project and announce its decision in the early autumn.

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Scottish farms face losing millions in subsidy after Brexit

UK government would need to increase funding to match common agricultural policy levels, Holyrood committee hears

Scottish farmers face losing hundreds of millions of pounds in subsidy after Brexit unless the UK government increases funding for Holyrood, a Scottish parliament committee has been told.

A senior economist and the National Farmers Union Scotland (NFUS) said the EU referendum vote raised significant doubts over the future of £452m in common agriculture programme spending in Scotland, because of the current Treasury deal to fund Holyrood.

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James Cameron calls Donald Trump a 'madman' over climate change denial

Ahead of a screening of his new film on global warming at the DNC, director calls Trump’s dismissal of environmental science ‘reckless and dangerous’

James Cameron has called Donald Trump a “madman” and criticised the Republican presidential candidate over his denial of climate change, according to the Associated Press.

The Avatar director, speaking ahead of the premiere of his new documentary short, Not Reality TV, at the Democratic national convention, said that Trump’s assertion that he would tear up the Paris climate agreement and his repeated dismissal of the science behind climate change was “incredibly reckless and dangerous”.

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Record 46% of UK's electricity generated by clean energy sources in 2015

Official figures show low-carbon sources accounted for almost half of national electricity supply last year - outstripping coal for the first time

Almost half the UK’s electricity came from clean energy sources such as wind and nuclear power last year, official figures have revealed.

Renewables accounted for a quarter of the country’s power supplies in 2015, outstripping coal power for the first time, the data published by the government revealed.

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The 'human sensor' making Manchester's air pollution visible

The hi-tech illuminated costumes worn by media artist Kasia Molga reveal changes in urban air pollution and bring together art and science

Heads turn when media artist Kasia Molga and her performers walk the streets of Manchester. When they near buses belching diesel fumes, their futuristic capes and masks turn a bright red. Near a park they go green. Depending on the traffic pollution levels in the northern industrial city, their clothing pulses, flashes and changes colour from purple through to white.

Molga calls herself a “human sensor”. She has linked with atmospheric scientists at King’s College London to develop clothing that reacts to the minute particles (PM2.5s) emitted mainly by diesel engines.

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