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Global climate march 2015: day of action begins in Australia and New Zealand – live #climatemarch  

Live coverage of the people’s climate march as millions across the world are expected to take to the streets ahead of the Paris climate change summit

Although it is very hot in Sydney today, with protesters – those who weren’t canny enough to bring their umbrellas – seeking out whatever shade they can find, activists are well aware that the real front line against climate change lies further west, in the Pacific islands.

A good primer on that situation is this report by my colleague Oliver Milman:

The cause for concern is clear – Nasa recently reported the world’s sea level has risen nearly 8cm since 1992, with the Pacific experiencing a more rapid increase than other oceans.

A rise of around a metre by the end of the century now looks likely. For low-lying islands in the Pacific, this means coastal erosion, saltwater seeping into precious rainwater catchments and ruined crops.

My colleague Ben Doherty is in Sydney’s Domain, sheltering from the sun and hearing from Professor Tim Flannery, one of Australia’s leading climate change activists, who says today “looks like the largest climate march ever in Australia”.

The Paris talks, he said, are the last chance to save “many things we care about, like the Great Barrier Reef … We are coming to this issue very late.”

We are meeting in the home city of the Australian prime minister. We need to send a very powerful message to him: do what the people demand.

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