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WasteConnect is a comprehensive reference for recycling points throughout the country.  Helping households and businesses to manage their waste.


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A blow to wind energy  

It is said that the UK has the greatest wind energy potential in Europe. Our weather could give us more sites producing more energy per wind turbine at less cost than any other country in Europe. The country also has Europe’s most vocal minority of opponents of wind farms who campaign with such vehemence that it is hard to think of a more divisive issue.

Offshore wind farms, which also have huge potential, do not attract such campaigners, and so Britain has become a world leader in the deployment of this technology, despite the fact that it is far more expensive. This has produced the curious result of Amber Rudd, the secretary of state for energy and climate change, pulling the plug on cheaper on-shore wind in favour of offshore, claiming in the House of Commons it is to save consumers money.

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