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Greta Thunberg's 'how dare you' speech performed by Megan Washington and Robert Davidson – video

The Australian musician Megan Washington worked with composer Robert Davidson on a performance based around Greta Thunberg's excoriating address to the UN’s climate action summit in New York in September. The piece was performed at the City Recital Hall's  20th anniversary event We Are Twentyto celebrate the music of the future and what music can look like in the next 20 years. "Greta’s speech is the definition of punk, and more important than any song that has been written in my lifetime, so I couldn’t ‘look to the future’ without including it," Washington said. "Rob is an actual genius because his compositions are proof that there is music in all of us, when we speak passionately, and from the heart." 

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Tigers, elephants and pangolins suffer as global wildlife trafficking soars

Dozens of species are now at risk but a conference this week will showcase new technology that could help stop the illegal trade

The two young women who arrived at Heathrow in February 2014 en route to Düsseldorf were carrying nondescript luggage. Customs officers were suspicious nevertheless and looked inside – to find 13 iguanas stuffed into socks inside the cases. Astonishingly, 12 of the highly endangered San Salvador rock iguanas had survived their transatlantic journey.

“There only about 600 of these animals left in the wild, in the Bahamas, and these animals were being taken to a private collector somewhere in Germany. Incredibly, we were able to return 12 of them, alive, to their homeland – on San Salvador island,” said Grant Miller, who was then working for the Border Force’s endangered species team.

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A-Z of climate anxiety: how to avoid meltdown

With the climate emergency putting our mental health at risk, Emma Beddington presents an everyday guide to eco wellbeing

Much like the planet, people have a tipping point. Mine came last summer, when a respected scientist told me matter-of-factly that he thought it was “at least highly unlikely” that his teenage children would survive beyond late middle age. At that point, three decades of climate unease crystallised into debilitating dread, and I’m far from alone.

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UN climate talks failing to address urgency of crisis, says top scientist

COP25 in Madrid criticised for focusing on details instead of agreeing deep cuts to emissions

Urgent UN talks on tackling the climate emergency are still not addressing the true scale of the crisis, one of the world’s leading climate scientists has warned, as high-ranking ministers from governments around the world began to arrive in Madrid for the final days of negotiations.

Talks are focusing on some of the rules for implementing the 2015 Paris agreement, but the overriding issue of how fast the world needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions has received little official attention.

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Which party has the answer to the big green questions?

Ahead of the election, we challenge the parties on the climate emergency, flying, rewilding, red meat and more

Putting a tax on meat, ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars within a decade and upgrading the energy efficiency of every home in the UK are among the eye-catching green promises from the political parties fighting for voters’ backing in the general election.

Others include zero-emission railways and a £640m Nature for Climate fund to restore the natural world and help fight the climate emergency. These pledges are in the answers given to a series of questions put to the main parties by the Guardian to draw them out on specific key issues.

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