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Mothering Sunday 26th March 

Remember Mother Nature on Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is the time when we all spend a little time to think about what our mothers have done for us. Many of us like to display our gratitude towards our mums by making a fuss of them, giving them gifts, flowers or cards.

We thank those that have given us life.

So why don’t we treat the planet in the same way? We’re slowly destroying that which supports us.

This Mothering Sunday, try to thank your mum in an earth-friendly way.



There is a multitude of ethical and environmental problems that come with buying cut flowers. Aside from the terrible conditions for the workers, there are the copious doses of fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, nematocides and plant-growth regulators used, which are all generally washed straight into waterways. 85% of our cut flowers are flown in from abroad, meaning that on top of that, there is the many tonnes of carbon dioxide that are emitted during transit. One bouquet will generate more than its weight of CO2.

Fleurtations of Shrewsbury source locally, where possible and reduce air miles when importing is required. They also grow their Calla Lily's at their family market farm in Norfolk in season.

The Natural Flower Company do everything they can to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The company reduces their Carbon Footprint by only growing their flowers when it's warm enough for them to grow without extra heat.

They grow their flowers the organic way, pollinated with their very own busy bees and fertilising them with their happy hens and with nothing nasty sprayed on them at all.

From their supply of local cow manure for fertiliser, to the sustainable moss and paper that they use for wrapping the stems, everything the company source is as ethical as possible.

By Nature have teamed up with Tregothnan, to provide beautiful English flowers, with minimal flower miles.



At pre-school, so many of us made Mothering Sunday cards and our mums are so grateful and proud. This year try making your mum a card, you could use pictures cut out of magazines or even print some photos off that you think she’ll like. If you want to buy one, go for a card that’s been made with recycled card, at least then you’re helping prevent waste going to landfill, as well as saving trees (if you get it from a charity shop, then you’re also helping support a good cause). Or, if you know where one is, fish out one of those beautiful scribbles you did when you were still in nappies, and write a new message inside the card. It is reuse and it’ll bring back floods of memories for your mother.



As a gift, try to find something that will be able to be used many times, and if possible doesn’t need batteries. If it does, buy some rechargeable batteries to give with the gift as well. This will help ensure that fewer batteries are sent to landfill. Also, if you have any wrapping paper left over from Christmas that doesn't look too dog eared (or too Christmassy) reuse it to wrap the present.

For alternative Mothering Sunday gifts visit Nigels Eco Store, Ethical Superstore or Lush.

Happy Mothering Sunday!

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