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Green Travelling

There is plenty to see and do without having to travel abroad, polluting the atmosphere with gases from airplanes. It is probably very unlikely that you will be able to go camping without having to use a car, but why not reduce your Footprint by car-sharing if possible, and/or reducing the amount of miles you travel.

Make the most of sight-seeing on your holiday without harming the environment, use a bike to get around on. Not only will cycling save the environment, it will also give you a nice refreshing air whilst keeping you fit and feeling free.

Tent Pegs

Glastonbury festival featured the first biodegradable tent pegs a couple of years ago. The tent pegs were the creation of Michael Eavis (Event Organiser and farmer of Glastonbury) and Millets outdoor store. The tent pegs have been made up to replace the usual metal pegs, which were found to have a negative affect on the environment, when left in fields they ended up being chopped up by machinery – leaving sharp pieces of metal in the fields on which animals graze. The biodegradable pegs are made from natural materials derived from wheat and potatoes. The pegs can be left in the ground; they break down by microbes in soil and will have disintegrated within a few weeks.

To find out more about the tent pegs visit Millets.

The pegs can be purchased at Sky Blue Leisure and Ethical Superstore.

If your old tent is worn out or no longer needed do not throw it away to be added to landfill – instead put it in a textile recycling bank or donate it to a charity shop, who will make second life use out of it.


Take your recycling habits with you and remember to recycle your waste whilst away.


Why not shower with a solar heated shower. Simply fill the bag with water, leave it in the sun for about 3 hours then shower with the warm refreshing water. Each bag carries enough for up to 3 showers.

Camping gear

Use mini wind power or solar chargers to charge your mobile phones, MP3 and similar devices while you are away.

Why not entertain yourselves with a wind-up radio, just 5 minutes of winding can provide 20 minutes of music.

Lighten the way with solar power or wind up lighting and torches. If you do use a conventional light or torch change the batteries you use. Go for rechargeable batteries, rather than disposable ones which end up in landfill.

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Happy Camping!

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