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Can you rise to the challenge and make a real difference to reduce the impact you are having on the environment?  Below is our top ten list of things you can do to do your bit and make a difference. 

  1. Most areas now have a collection for recycling newspapers, magazines, glass, plastic bottles, cans, foil, green (garden waste) and kitchen waste.   Check with your local authority and find out what can be collected from your doorstep.
  2. Check out what else can be recycled locally.  Often recycling sites will have collection points for the more unusual things like batteries, tetrapak beverage containers, jewellery, fluorescent lamps, keys, video tapes.  Use our Recycling Search.
  3. Why not give yourself the feel good factor by not only giving away those items that you no longer want to a charity shop?  Not only can someone else make good use of your stuff, the charity will generate funds to support them. 
  4. Got something that's as good as new but you simply don't want it? Sell it on Ebay or give it away on Freecycle.
  5. When shopping, choose items that are not excessively packaged and are in materials that can be easily recycled.
  6. Start complaining.  Don't just moan about a product thats been over packaged with your friends - make a difference and write to the manufacturer.  If you are not satisified with the response go to your local authority trading standards.  They can make a formal challenge under the Essential (Packaging) Requirements Regulations.
  7. Buy products that are eco-friendly or are made from recyclable materials. Check our Links page for suppliers.  For example, the bottles containing Inncocent drinks are made from recycled plastic. Let's support these initiatives.
  8. Install energy efficient light bulbs.
  9. If you've reduced the amount of energy and fuel you use at home as much as possible but want to do more, why not off-set your carbon use?  Visit Carbon Earth to find out more. You can even buy your friends some tokens and give them the feel good factor. 
  10. Convert all your friends and neighbours. Put the challenge to them. 

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