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Father’s Day 19th June

Mother's have had their day and moment of glory and praise, now its time to show Father’s some appreciation and thank them for everything they have done. Father’s are given gifts and cards for Father’s Day but these can be costly to the environment. We have compiled information on how to have a greener Father’s Day along with links to eco gifts and ideas.

This Father’s Day, try to thank your dad in an earth-friendly way.

Making a card is a more environmentally friendly way and saves on packaging/waste etc. Not only this, but homemade cards are more personal and special. If you prefer to buy a card, go for one that’s been made with recycled card, at least then you’re helping prevent waste going to landfill, as well as saving trees (if you get it from a charity shop, then you’re also helping support a good cause).

As a gift, try to find something that will be able to be used many times, and if possible doesn’t need batteries. If it does, buy some rechargeable batteries to give with the gift as well. This will help ensure that fewer batteries are sent to landfill. Also, if you have any wrapping paper left over from Christmas that doesn't look too dog eared (or too Christmassy) reuse it to wrap the present.

Green Packs have some cool gift ideas.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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