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17 May 2012

Some exciting news for plastic recycling this week!


As one of the main sponsors of the Olympics and Paralympic Games, Coca-Cola has pledged to recycle all clear plastic bottles that are left behind after the events.  It is hoped that the bottles will generate 80m new bottles.


This follows the opening of the new £15m recycling plant in Hemswell, north Lincolnshire.


The joint-venture between Coca-Cola and ECO Plastics looks set to change the game.


Plastic recycling has been an ongoing issue for a very long time, with different information going around about what can and can not be recycled but this plant is set to change all that.  The new plant will accept mixed plastics and will enable an additional 15,000 tonnes of rigid plastic to be recycled per year, including tubs, pots and food trays.


Wrap (Waste & Resources Action Programme) has offered a helping hand, by providing a £1.15m loan towards the development of the facility.


The Guardian website has more information in their article.


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