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All Things Green and Beautiful - The Green Beauty Guide


Organic products are made from mostly organic ingredients and have been certified by the certifying organic body for that country.  The standards that these certifying bodies look for differ, meaning that a product purchased in the UK that is made in Europe may not be to the same standards as a product made within the UK.  There are different levels of labelling within each certifying bodies standards too.  Therefore, Organic does not generally mean that no chemicals have been used to make them.  Ecocert, a European certification organisation, is now recognised in 70 countries. In the UK organic certification is given by the Soil Association, who has one of the most comprehensive organic standards worldwide for health and beauty products.  If you are trying to avoid chemical products go for Natural, or Chemical-Free products. These are guaranteed to not contain any chemicals.

See logos and site information below.


For further information about this, visit Absolutely Pure’s article, in which they describe different harmful chemicals found in products, which are not used in Organic, Natural, or Chemical Free products.


Certifying bodies:


Soil Association (UK)

Soil Association Logo



Ecocert (Europe)

Ecocert Logo






Female First has a great article with some DIY beauty ideas.


Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics sell a wide range of beauty products, hair care, skincare, bath, shower etc.  Lush Cosmetics are dedicated to helping the environment, along with being kinder to you.  Their products ooze with goodness.  (Their stores also smell gorgeous!!)

Lush Cosmetics:

  • Are against animal testing.
  • Use Organic ingredients from fruit and vegetables.
  • Make products fresh by hand using little or no preservatives or packaging.
  • Use vegetarian only ingredients.

Lush have replaced their shredded paper with popcorn to fill gift boxes, rather than polystyrene or other harmful materials. The popcorn is more environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable (please note that the popcorn is not edible).


Lush also recycle plastic Lush pots that are returned to stores, offering a free pot of face mask for every 5 pots returned.


Adding to their green goodness, Lush now accept plastic bottle tops for recycling. Our local store has just installed a plastic bag collection box (which is a large, hungry crocodile), allowing customers to recycle their carrier bags and also offering customers the option to swap their shopping bags for Lush recycled paper bags, to then recycle the plastic bags.


Nothing Nasty

Nothing Nasty’s products are:

  • 100% Pure.
  • Free from man made chemicals.
  • Ethical: Recyclable and reusable bottles, minimal and degradable packaging.
  • Simple.
  • Handmade in Monmouthshire, Wales!
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Mostly raw.
  • Vegetarian. 
  • Mostly Vegan.


The Body Shop

Voted no.2 most ethical brand by consumers in 2007.

The Body Shop are against animal testing.  They also have many Values and Campaigns that they follow and support.  They also run The Body Shop Foundation, sharing some of their profits to support charities.  For more information visit their Values and Campaigns site.



Boots Natural Collection

Boots range, Natural Collection is a line of beauty products made using minerals and natural ingredients.



Lush Duck

Lush Duck offer a range of natural beauty products for men, women and children.


Their mission is to bring the very best in natural organic cosmetics and beauty products. Lush Duck have handpicked their gorgeously good-for-you skin and hair care essentials for those who want the best natural beauty products sourced from nature, not synthetics. 



Love Eco

Love Eco supply a wide range of eco-friendly products, which include beauty products.



There Must Be A Better Way (TMBABW)

Focusing on Pure Earth’s natural and organic beauty products, TMBABW also has more information on natural and organic products, as well as tips on different types of skin and problems such as eczema.



Love Lula

Love Lula stock over 800 natural and organic skincare and beauty products.  They use only natural and organic ingredients, are against animal testing and sell mostly vegan products.


For more information on the ingredients that they use click here.



So Organic

So Organic stock a huge range of natural and organic products from many different brands.  None of their products contain parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil or propylene glycol.  They have product specialists who are trained to give great advice about natural skin care and organic beauty products.  



Absolutely Pure

Absolutely Pure are another stockist of natural and organic products.  

Absolutely Pure sell toothpaste alternatives which are said to be kinder to teeth and gums. They sell a couple of products for dental care:

Dr. Bronner: Pure Castile Liquid Soap, which can be used to clean a wide range of things, including teeth. Just mix 5ml of the Peppermint soap with water in the dropper mixer bottle (purchased separately for 65p), shake then use.

They also sell Miessence: Toothpaste which contains no viscous, sticky glycerine (which coats the teeth and prevents re-enamelization from nutrients in the diet). It also contains no silica (which can harm gums and is abrasive to tooth enamel).


For a different solution, Nigel’s Eco Store sells the hyG Ionic Toothbrush.  The toothbrush requires NO toothpaste, when it is used it activates Ionic power through the lithium batteries used, which cleans the teeth safely and gently.  It has been clinically proven to be 48% more effective at removing plaque than normal brushing.


Nigel’s Eco Store also sell various other health and beauty products.



Eco Tools

Eco Tools is a leader in eco-conscious beauty products.

Getting gorgeous, going green, and giving back is what they are all about!

Products range from cruelty-free make-up brushes made of recycled bamboo and aluminium, to bath and body products, which are paraben free, phthalate free, cruelty-free and never tested on animals!

Eco Tools also run the Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign, where old products can be returned for recycling and a coupon is given for a free Eco Tools product in return.

Products are packaged in the most eco-conscious way, including: reusable pouches, post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable packaging. 



Beautiful Reading

There is a book available which gives information on all things green and beautiful called The Green Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Being Naturally Gorgeous

by Sarah Stacey & Josephine Fairley (Author) which can be purchased from all good book stores.



More Shopping

There are plenty of other websites and shops which stock natural and organic products, just do an internet search.

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