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Recycling Instruments

A band in Poland have set out to make music using instruments made almost entirely from recycled waste (except the strings and electronics!).


The band have recently featured on Got Talent, the Polish equivalent to Britain's Got Talent.


For more information and to listen to the band, check out their website.


A fantastic idea for a creative way to recycle waste. If you have done a similar project, we'd love to hear about it. Email


Do you have musical instruments that you would like to recycle but don't know what to do with them?


Instruments can not be recycled, due to the various materials used in them, though some parts can be removed and recycled (i.e. metal) but, don't throw out those old instruments!


List them on Ebay or Freecycle.

Give them to a charity shop.

Offer them to a local childrens club or music group.

If instruments are broken, they may be of use to someone else for spares and repairs.


People say that music makes the world go round, so keep those instruments away from landfill and let the music play!

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