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Don’t Grill The Environment - The Green BBQ Guide


Invites and travel

If you are sending invites send e-vites or call/text, rather than using paper invites which can go to waste after the event.


It may not be possible for some, but try encouraging attendees to walk or use public transport to get to your BBQ. This saves on carbon emissions (and filling your street with cars!).



A lot of charcoal used in the UK comes from abroad, which in itself is bad for the environment. Carbon costs the earth transporting the charcoal from overseas. Using homegrown Bioregional charcoal can benefit wildlife as it is sourced from woods that are managed to provide habitat for butterflies and birds.


Avoid barbecues that pump out vast quantities of gas or electricity and ensure you use sustainable charcoal. Instead opt for a traditional, charcoal-burning model, using eco charcoal.


Natural Herb Barbecue Lighters - Fun, fragrant firestarters, including dried lemons and pines can be used to get the fire going, which is a more environmentally friendly and nicer smelling alternative to lighter fluids and other harmful toxins. The cones are sourced sustainably from UK forests and handmade in Dorset. The cones are gently warmed to open them and release their seeds. The seeds are then used to grow new trees which are replanted in the forest.  


Eco glasses and tableware

Use plastic plates that can be washed and re-used, rather than paper plates which once used are contaminated with food and have to be binned.


The same applies for napkins. Use cloth napkins as these can be washed and re-used for future BBQ’s.


Eco beers and food

Where possible use organics and locally sourced food. Try not to burn the food as it may end up being binned.


Often at barbecues lots of food can be left over. Rather than throwing this out why not use for supper or the next day (if the food will keep), or even offer to guests who may like to take food away with them. If left over’s are not in a good enough state to re-use or are not wanted put on a compost pile.


Some tasty veggie and vegan BBQ alternatives can be found on Hippy Shopper.


Solar lighting

Use solar lighting, which will collect energy from sunlight throughout the day then convert this energy to power the lights when the sun goes down.

Parasols with solar lighting are available. The energy powers the star style lights at night. There are many suppliers of solar parasols, here are a few: Birstall Garden & Leisure

Hartman UK

Robert Dyas


Rubbish and recycling

Cans, cardboard, glass and plastics used at barbeques can be recycled.

Use recycled aluminium foil. IF YOU CARE® Aluminum Foil is made from 100% recycled aluminum - saving 95% of the energy used to make normal foil. The cardboard box can easily be recycled when the roll is finished.  For further information on the aluminium foil visit Nigel’s Eco Store.


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Nigel’s Eco Store have a range of eco BBQ goods on their website.  

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